The Best Way To Treat Mild Acne

A lot of people are blessed to have a smooth, blemish free skin. Others are doomed with acne and other skin ailments. However, it is important to note that even those with a skin like a goddess can also have acne. So what do you do if you have clear skin and you are suddenly bombarded with acne? For mild acne cases, going to a skin clinic may not be necessary. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you fight mild acne.

Before we go through the nitty-gritty stuff it is important that you understand the difference between mild, moderate and severe acne. Though often used by professionals, there is no clear definition of what mild, moderate and severe acne really means. The general definition of acne states that mild acne are a few white heads and blackheads and a few pustules. Moderate acne on the other hand is basically worse than mild acne and will have more white heads and blackheads, more pustules and it may or may not have some cysts. Severe acne on the other hand is worse than moderate acne and will have many white heads, blackheads, pustules ad macules. Basing on the definition, it’s hardly standardized and the assessment will be based on how you define more, many and a few.

In this article, we will define mild acne as a few bumps that responds well with traditional acne treatments. Moderate acne on the other hand will be defined as black heads and white heads and a few pustules and papules that may or may not respond to over the counter acne treatments and severe acne will be defined as pustules, papules and macules that do not respond to over the counter acne treatments and modern acne therapies.

When treating mild acne, you need to remember three basic things: proper skin care, eat healthy foods and using an effective acne treatment properly.

For some washing your face twice a day is enough to get rid of acne. Proper skin care is very important even if you do not have acne. According to some proactive reviews, when treating acne, you need to use a specialized cleanser that uses 2.5% benzoyl peroxide. This may have a drying effect on your skin and you may need to apply a light moisturizer after applying the cleanser.

Your diet can play a significant role in treating acne. Chocolates, processed foods, refined sugars and milk and other dairy products must be avoided. These food items can cause you to breakout.

Finally, it is important to use your acne treatment as directed. No more no less. This is very important because putting too much can aggravate your acne and putting too little will have no effect of your blemishes.